A4 Tool Kit
by c6123
​​​​​​​A4 Tool KitThereisasayingthatgoes, “The sports utility vehicle is essential to enjoy camping” The equipment to prepare for camping includes tent, shade screen, chair, lamp, kitchen table, meal table, and grill. The number of them is more than 20. Many people feel fatigue in moving baggage and installing the equipment after arriving in the camping venue.It is irony to go on a trip with a host of baggage with the purpose of comfortable rest. Necessary tools were newly designed into a kit for people to go camping lightly for the minimal camping of packing the minimum baggage.The hammer for pitching a tent and removing the pack was combined with the easily available flashlight when the sun set.A4 Tool kit_01 HammerIt was designed to use the grip commonly and was designed compactly into a smaller size than A4 paper. The usability was heightened by using the bronze which helped absorb the impact when striking the pack and it was differentiated from other goods in the morphological aspect.A4 Tool kit_02 Flashlight